About Us

ELINABEAUTYLASHES has been specializing in Eyelash Products since 2012.

ELINABEAUTYLASHES private large style of lash products , such as

  • PBT eyelash extensions, (PBT fiber is the best quality of the raw material for producing lash extensions, which do well in keeping the curl)

          Thickness: 0.03,0.05,0.10,0.12,0.15,0.18,0.20

          Length: 4mm-25mm

          Curl: J/B/C/CC/D/DD, L/LC/LD

  • Flat lash extensions: 0.15/0.20,
  • Premade Fans
  • Liquids Products: lash glue , lash remover, lash bath, lash primer, super bonder, coating sealant, lash lifting products, lash growth serum, lash tweezer cleanser, etc
  • Lash Accessory: mascara wands, mini lip brushes, lash pallets, lash glue holders, lash tweezers, lash tweezer holders, pillows, mini fans, lash checking mirrors, lash training kits, etc


ELINABEAUTYLASHES also have a professional design team for helping clients do their private logo lash products.

Do not hesitate to Contact US for OEM service, to support you develop your own lash lines!



Director: Mr Yu

Email: yu@cnmakeupsupplies.com


Instagram: elinabeautylashes